Australian National Film Archive-Analogies, the man who …

Centre Pompidou, Paris- the man who…., Secondary Currents,  The Geosophist’s Tears

Donnell Film Library, NYC- Analogies,  the man who..,Pressures  of the Text

Fabric Workshop and Museum- Pneumenon

Hartford Atheneum-Pressures of the Text

Harvard  University-Pressures  of   the Text, Digital Speech, Secondary Currents

Image Forum, Tokyo-the man who could not see far enough

Learning Channel-the man who could not see far enough

Marvin and Ruth Sackner Collection of Concrete Poetry, Miami-Pressures of the Text,  Digital Speech

Museum of Art, Carnegie Inst.-Study in Diachronic Motion, Digital Speech, the man who…, 

Concordia University, Montreal Secondary Currents

Moov HD – The man who could not see far enough,  Flat Rock

Ngee Polytechnic Institute, Singapore- Analogies

Philadelphia  Museum of Art- Odysseus in Ithaca

Oberhausen Film Collection, W. Germany-the man who……

South Carolina  Arts Commission-the man who …

Yokohama Museum of Art-the man who could not see far enough

Michener Museum of Art-The Geosophist’s Tears; Rotary Almanac

Academy Film Archive

Jihlava Center for Documentary Film, Czech Republic, “Secondary Currents”