list of works

Trump Talks Back. (2022) 3:00
A deconstruction of His vocabulary, diction speech, and gesture

Memories of Public Exuberance (2022) – 13min. video installation
A suite of 3D works that examine public social behavior during the time of Covid.  

The Oculus Opens (2021) – 8:00min. digital video
A visual tone poem in six-dimensions to be seen with an IPhone in a set of Google Cardboard Glasses.

Memories of Shared Air (2021) – 2:20min. digital video
A reflection on the nature of public space in the time of Covid.

A Sign of the Times (2021) – 1:48min. video
A veiled metaphor for the instabilities of our times.

Foit Yet Cleem Triavith (2020) – 2min. video
A manic multi-dimensional tone poem to be seen with an IPhone and a pair of Google Cardboard Glasses

Goggle Glasses:  How to Use   (2019)

Towards a Six-Dimensional Cinema (2018) – 60min. video installation
Experiments in multi-dimensional cinema using a variety of stereoscopic rigs.

The Indeserian Tablets (2014) – 28 min. digital video
An encounter with the transfaluminal ideoglyphs left by a forgotten people.

Solaristics (2013) – 9:40min. video
The phenomenology of the black sun; an anthology of sightings; an ecoparable

Interview. (2012)
An interview with Peter Rose by Nikita Patterson as part of the Senior Artists Initative.

Studies in Transfalumination (2008) – 5:30min. video
An exploration of the visual complexities of the ordinary world.

Conflation: Livlng Above the Store (2008) – 32min. sound/video installation
A collaborative video installation by Mark Campbell, Peter Rose, and Anthony Angelicola that offers a complex, richly metaphoric reflection on the meanings of the urban/suburban environment.

Odysseus in Ithaca (2006) – 5min. video
Commissioned by the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Embodying Thoreau (2005) – 6min. video
Produced for the Fairmount Park Art AssociationFlat Rock (2004) – 30min. video
Commissioned by Moov Lab for high-definition broadcast.

Pneumenon (2003, 5min two-channel video installation) 
Commissioned and exhibited by the Fabric Workshop and Museum.

The Geosophist’s Tears (2002) – 8min. video
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Centre Pompidou, London Film Festival, Michener Museum of Art

Omen (2001) – 10min. video
Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Wilmington
Film Society of Lincoln Center, NYC

The Darkening (2000) – 8min. video
Delaware Art Museum, Biennial, 2000
Oberhausen and European Media Art Festivals

Rotary Almanac (2000) – 4min. digital video
A collage of moving landscapesThe Revolt of the Masses (1998) – 2min. video
7th International Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland

Virtual Objects and Embodied Images (1997) video installations
Multiple collaboration with sculptor Jeanne Jaffe

Understory (1997) – 8min. video/performance/installation
American Music Theatre Festival; Phila. Museum of Art

Metalogue (1996) – 3min. digital video
World Wide Video Festival; Oberhausen Int’l Film Festival

Overture (1995) – 6min. sound/video installation
Permanent sound/video installation commissioned by the City of Phila. for the Philadelphia International Airport

Pavilion in the Trees (1994) – 4min. video
Commissioned by the Fairmount Park Art Association, Broadcast by WHYY-TV

The Gift (1993) – 6min. Audio
Commissioned by New Radio and Performing Arts

Sleeping Woman (1992) – 4min. video
Commissioned by the Fairmount Park Art Association for public broadcast; National Video Festival 1993

Genesis (1991) – 4min. Single channel video installation
Institute of Contemporary Art, Phila

Ben Franklin Dreams of His Immortal Soul (1990) – 20min. video
Three-channel audio/video installed at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC

Siren (1990) – 14min. video installation
A two-channel video work that proposes an “operatic” rendering of W.H.Hudson’s “Green Mansions,” a strange tale about journeys in the jungle, mysterious voices, and metaphysical tongues.

Foit Yet Cleem Triavith (1988) – 2min. video
Video installation for two channels, four monitors; installed at the Pa. Academy of Fine Art, Phila and at School 33, Baltimore

Babel (1987) – 17min. audio/video/film/text
New Music America Festival
National Video Festival, Los Angeles

Fingerspan (1987) – 8min. video
Broadcast over PBS affiliate WHYY-TV
A document of the fabrication, installation, and location of “Fingerspan,” a site-specific public art work by Jody Pinto that was commissioned by the Fairmount Park Art Association

SpiritMatters (1984) – 6min. 16 mm, silent
Baltimore, Ann Arbor, and Experimental Film Festivals

Digital Speech (1984) – 13min. video, color, sound
Three Rivers Arts Festival, Pittsburgh, Festival Award
Athens Video Festival, Athens Award
Broadcast over PBS affiliates in NYC, Boston, and L.A.

The Pressures of the Text (1983) – 17min. video, color, sound
Whitney Biennial, l985
American Film Festival: Video Art-Red Ribbon 1985

Secondary Currents (1982) – 16min. 16 mm, B&W, sound
Major prizes at festivals in the U.S. and abroad
“The American Century”, Whitney Museum. 2000

The man who could not see far enough (1981) – 33min. 16 mm film, color, sound
Major prizes at festivals throughout the United States

Analogies: studies in the movement of time (1977) – 14min. 16 mm film, color, sound
American Film Festival “Film as Art” l980
Amos Vogel: “sensuous.., sumptious…, concentrated power”

Incantation (1970) – 13min. 16 mm film, color, sound
Roger Greenspun, NY Times: “massive and lovely”
Whitney Museum, “New American Filmmakers” l972

Study in Diachronic Motion (1970) – 3min. 16 mm, color, silent
Collected works: Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute