Siren (1990) – 14 min. video installation

A two-channel video work that proposes an “operatic” rendering of W.H.Hudson’s “Green Mansions,” a strange tale about journeys in the jungle, mysterious voices, and metaphysical tongues. The sound track is entirely vocal, a collaborative effort by David Moss and Peter Rose, with Jessie Jane Lewis and Anya Rose, and the computer-animated text/libretto was generated on a MacIntosh computer. The work premiered as a two-channel performance at the New Music America Festival in 1988 in Miami, was performed in Paris in 1989, and was installed as a two-channel laser disc installation at the Phila. Museum of Art from April to July 1990.

“…poetry of the ear, delightful voice games of timbre, repetition and mis-reading that toss the fulsome text into a succulent, auditory fruit salad….packed with wit and audio-visual puns, the performance equivalent of giving your eyes and ears a Swiss needle shower.” – Laurie Horn, Miami-Herald

“VOX 13 collection” – David Finkelstein, FilmThreat