Foit Yet Cleem Triavith (1988) – 2 min. video installation

An anagram for “The Verticality of Time”, the work is a video installaltion for two channels and four monitors that uses a text about the nature of time, perverse visual quotations from art history, and vocal improvisation by David Moss and Peter Rose to generate a kind of rap video. installed at the Pa. Academy of Fine Art, Phila and at School 33, Baltimore (read script)

“…poetry of the ear, delightful voice games of timbre, repetition and mis-reading that toss the fulsome text into a succulent, auditory fruit salad….packed with wit and audio-visual puns, the performance equivalent of giving your eyes and ears a Swiss needle shower.” – Laurie Horn, Miami-Herald

“VOX 13 collection” –
David Finkelstein, FilmThreat