Omen (2001) – 10 min. video

Omen is a set of invocatory stanzas, encounters with the underworld, calligraphic illuminations, flames of shadow: a premonition. It presents us with a series of slow transformations that elude language and that can only be watched with patience, simple moments of observation that witness mysterious conjugations of light and shadow and that seem to speak the language of metaphor. Linking these are a series of performances in which beams of light are used to “write space”, to provide dimensional discoveries through a process that is akin to both drawing and dancing. Sound is extremely important. There are moments of grand opera and there are faint suggestions of music heard way in the back of a distant space and that are on the edge of inaudibility. The viewer is carried along by a current of sounds, images, ideas, and metaphors into an unknown territory of feeling. Omen has been shown at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, the Rotterdam International Film Festival, the Film Society of Lincoln Center, and at the San Francisco Cinemateque

” ‘Immensity illumines me.’ ” – Giuseppe Ungaretti.

“The gradients of Peter Rose’s light play move gracefully from cloud shifting shadows to the chiaroscuro of Piranesian subterranea.” – Steve Ausbury, Cinematexas