Ben Franklin Dreams of His Immortal Soul (script)


A solitary traveller moves through a river landscape. It is chaotic, electrified, metaphysical. Electrical flow is identified and analyzed and instructions are given for navigating through virtual space. A Rosicrucian metaphor is proposed.

“When moving through electrical current, it is important to perform the proper body movements. A precise regimen of actions is required lest the participants dislocate their cohesion as individuals and merge with the invisible world. While a few individuals have mastered the necessary skills to freely navigate through virtual space, and while the rigors of incarnation present for them no new difficulties, most are overcome by disabling questions about the nature of human reality, and succumb, eventually, to crippling doubts about their actions as moral agents and their continuity as conscious entities.”

“Current flow is channelled and directed by initating resonant movement patterns. Mastery is gained through practice, commitment, and close observation. Electrical phenomena may be known by their consaguinity with storage, diversion, erosion, depth and velocity, and by gaining knowledge of and agility in these disciplines, the current carrier will gain glimpses of a larger significant pattern. Electrical stimulation is the result.”

“In this fashion, one may navigate and express a boundary between simultaneous, contradictory, virtual perspectives. A certainty of paradox derives.”