Peter Rose: Witness

Analogies: studies in the movement of time

Analogies: studies in the movement of time (1977, 16 mm film, color, sound) uses a variety of multiple screen formats to create an intriguing series of visual riddles. The film consists of a series of simple camera movements that are rendered "diachronically"- several different aspects of the action are presented on the screen at once. By playing with time delays between these images, new kinds of space, action, gesture, and temporality have been found. Generated from structural principles, the film is both lyrical and sensual and provokes a new understanding of time and cinema. Excerpted at


"When Rose fills the screen with twenty-five images, the experience is akin to music.  An image ripples across the screen as a theme echoes across the instruments of an orchestra, giving way to complicated designs, each image an arabesque in a Persian rug."
Noel Carroll, Soho Weekly News

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